Country Club Strap Chaise Lounge, Extended, Cross Weave

Item #: W0310EXCW

The Windward Country Club Strap Extended Bed Chaise was designed with a longer frame for the head rest to flatten on to. In the event a guest accidentally sits at the head of a fully reclined chaise the extra length ensures the chaise won’t tip or flip. (The extended bed frame length is 79″ compared to 65″ on the standard Country Club chaise)

Frame Finishes

Vinyl Strap Colors


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1" Round


Aluminum Skid

Width (In)


Depth (In)


Height (In)


Seat Height (In)


Arm Height (In)


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Country of Origin

Proudly Made In The USA

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Retail Warranty

10 Year Limited Warranty

Contract Warranty

5 Year Limited Warranty

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Elevate your outdoor seating arrangements with the reliable Country Club Strap outdoor seating collection. Designed for enduring performance, each piece is crafted with a focus on durability, making it an excellent choice for the demands of the hospitality industry.

Key Features:

  • American Aluminum: Constructed from domestically milled aluminum, this collection is engineered to withstand the rigors of high-traffic hospitality environments, ensuring your guests have comfortable and reliable seating options.
  • Superior Finish: The sandblasted and powder-coated finish provides a clean and durable surface, making maintenance a breeze. It's a practical choice for any establishment that values long-lasting, low-maintenance furniture.
  • Dependable in Any Weather: Stainless steel hardware ensures that each piece stands strong, even in outdoor environments where exposure to the elements is a consideration.
  • American Quality Build: Full-circumference heliarc welds guarantee the strength and stability of each chair.
  • Comfortable and Resilient Straps: The 2-inch wide vinyl straps are treated with UV stabilizers and mildew preventatives, providing both comfort and durability for your guests.
  • Stacking: Stackable pieces offer a space-saving solution, allowing you to adapt to changing guest needs without sacrificing valuable floor space.
  • Aluminum Skids: Aluminum skids protect the 'feet' of your chaise.

1" Round Extruded Aluminum Frame

Details That Matter

Reinforced Bend

The seat bend of most strap dining chairs is reinforced with extra internal aluminum tubing.

Vinyl Protector

Strap chaise lounges feature a clear vinyl protector to ensure the aluminum ratchet doesn’t compromise the frame finish.

Double Wrapped Straps

All Windward strap furniture features double wrapped straps secured in place with nylon rivets.

Safety Bend

The safety bend prevents fingers from being pinched while adjusting the head rest on most Windward strap chaises.

American Aluminum

We’re proud to say that our products are American made from material to end-product, including the use of domestically milled aluminum.