From Our Family

To Yours

For over 30 years Windward products have been thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted in the United States. Each pieces representing the longstanding legacy of integrity and quality that makes us who we are.

Our Story


“Most importantly, we’ve kept our family values – the values of integrity, hard work, and determination that kept me going through even the toughest times – at the core of what we do.”

– David Peace, Owner




In-Water Seating

Modular Seating

Bistro Tables

Outdoor Tables

Chaise Lounges

Strap Furniture

Fire Products

Details That Matter


Materials used to create Windward pieces are thoughtfully sourced in the United States, and our creation process has been optimized to craft beautiful, durable pieces that you can count on.

Embrace the outdoors and set the stage for beautiful memories to be made.

People First


Windward is a family owned and operated business located in Sarasota, FL and we have a heart for people. The people we serve, the people we work with each day and the people in our community.
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Quality Commercial Furniture

Transform your commercial outdoor areas into inviting havens with our premium collection of commercial outdoor furniture. 

Be Inspired By The Outdoors