Hotel Outdoor Furniture in Ft. Myers

Quality furniture makes the most of your outdoor spaces so that guests can make the most of their experience. Here’s a look at what makes our pieces so special.

Hotel Outdoor Furniture in Ft. Myers

Give Guests a Vacation
They’ll Remember

It doesn’t take long to become memorable. Whether guests are with you for one day or a full week, make every moment they spend on your property one to remember with beautiful outdoor furniture that helps them make the most of their time with you.

World-Class Quality

Every piece of Windward furniture is hand-crafted for quality – never mass-produced for profit. We care about creating collections that are inspired in both design and execution, lasting through countless hours of fun for years to come.


Our goal is to make furniture that’s as beautiful as it is functional, and that means investing in the best-quality fabrics and materials available. It also means designing pieces with eternal appeal – after all, trends come and go, but style is forever.

100% Made in the USA

All of our furniture is sourced and handcrafted in the United States. By investing in materials that are sourced in the USA and crafting all of our furniture in-house, we can oversee every part of the process and guarantee that each piece lives up to our high standards of quality.

What Are Your Guests Looking For?

Do guests come to your property in search of family fun or a serene escape? Are they professionals who need access to workspaces or retirees looking to soak up the sun? No matter what your clientele is looking for, our collections are thoughtfully designed to help enhance their experience with you.
Hotel Outdoor Furniture in Ft. Myers

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